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Micro pigs, children hitting the ‘terrible twos’, football news, and issues surrounding the Catholic Church. All subject matter found on a trip to Hypothecate, the question is, what will you discover?

Much like a newspaper, Hypothecate offers all kinds of news, views, and observations. It’s a random blog that covers everything from celebrity culture to sport, with politics, religion, and world news in between. Visit the

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The off kilter calender that exists within the British retail industry

It may be only January, and our houses are looking cold and bare after the Xmas decorations have been condemned to the loft for another year, but there are some strange things already appearing on the supermarket shelves. In amongst the reduced mince pies and rolls of wrapping paper that were as ugly for 8p as they were for a pound are loads of stuff

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Where next for Nigella?

When those pictures first appeared that seemingly showed Charles Saatchi trying to throttle then wife Nigella Lawson, the nations heart went out to our favourite domestic goddess. When the news first broke about the sibling personal assistants being accused of stealing hundreds of thousands off Nigella once again she had all our sympathy.

As the trial continued however so much dirt was dug up on Ms

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Is UCLAN the best Uni for you?

Finding the right university to cater for your needs is one of the most important decisions you will ever make in your life. This should be a decision you and you alone make after careful deliberation and weighing up all the facts and pros and cons. Many students make the mistake of going to a uni where their friends are going, and this is probably

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Food wastage reaches record high

At a time when so many of us are tightening our belts to afford the basics, it beggars belief when you hear the latest report into UK food wastage. The latest figure show that in the UK alone we are throwing away around 4.2m tonnes of food every year that is still edible. This breaks down as enough food for to feed every household 6

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The lavish lifestyle Bishop flies on the cheap with Ryanair

By now you may have heard about the free spending bishop from Limburg Germany who lavishly spent over €31 million on improvements and renovations to the collection of buildings on the church grounds, with almost €3 million spent on his quarters alone. Perhaps the only saving grace is that the original project was not initiated by Bishop Tebartz-van Elst.

What seems remarkable is that the bishop

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Will family holidays soon become a thing of the past?

There are millions of us who look back on happy holidays spent with our families, and those of us over a certain age will remember than depending on what you dad’s job was, he was often told when he could take his holidays. If this overlapped with school it was tough, you went back a couple of days late. In fact, as long as you

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Syrian pictures shock the world

The pictures coming out from Ghouta near Damascus in Syria of the dying people and those already dead were horrific. But the details that emerged later were worse than these pictures. If one goes by the statement of John Kerry, nearly 1500 people died when the Syrian government unleashed chemical weapons on its own people.

The US Secretary of State alleged that the area where these

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When Karma comes a-knocking

Karma is a word often used when someone has done something in the past and it comes back to bite them on the bum. It is actually a Hindu law that states that anyone who has erred will suffer in the future to the same degree as they have made others suffer, in other words; what goes around comes around. When someone commits an act

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Carry on Clint Heineken Dropped


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Social experiments are nothing new, but there are few that have been as well executed and thought out as the Heineken Dropped campaign. They have taken everyday men, who fancy themselves as intrepid adventurers, and put them in outrageous situations complete with challenges, to let them find out the hard way just how well they deal with being so far removed from their comfort

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World goes baby crazy

The world has, quite literally, gone baby crazy with the news that William and Kate are now the proud parents of a baby son, the future King who has knocked Harry further down in the pecking order. Niagara Falls took on a blue tinge, as did the CNN Tower and the presenters and guests on Australian breakfast TV swapped mugs of coffee for glasses of

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